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Dr. Renee Reynolds-Lawson Ms. Classic Universe 2021-2022
Renee is the owner of Babegirl Entertainment & Designs and Radio host of Babegirl Says: “Who, What, Where, When Why”

Always increasing her knowledge, Renee received her Honorary Doctorate in Communication, Business and Domestic Violence from McFormalsdale Christian University, on September 26, 2021. She also holds degrees in Specialized Business and Information Technology, diplomas in event planning, and floral design.

Renee is the recipient of several awards including “The Congressional Record,” the Dr. Martin Luther King “Keeping the Dream Alive Award,” and the “Role Model of Excellence” Award for her continuous empowering work in the community on Domestic Violence, Human/Sex Trafficking, Cancer Awareness and Voters Rights. Upon losing her sisters, Teal and Loretta to Breast Cancer, she has been a strong advocate in trying to bring awareness of this disease to under privileged persons in memory of them in November, by hosting an Annual Pink Diamond Gala Ball. She is a three-year member of NABFEME, the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music & Entertainment, Inc. and is a graduate of John Casablanca modeling and acting.

Her greatest achievements are her three children, Gwen, Gary, and William, being the proud grandmother to Kaylani, Giovanni and Adele, and her four-legged confidant, “Juice.”